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Experience Tai Chi in China
Study at FangYuan Centre




The Centre

Welcome to FangYuan Tai Chi Centre

Recreational area
Tea Room
Indoor Training Place
drawing room
Luxury Room
Dinning Room
Premium Room
Premium Room Bathroom
cultural room
Premium Room
Luxury Room with bathtub
Premium Room
Premium Room
Luxury Room
Luxury Room

Welcome to FangYuan Tai Chi Center, my name is Ping from China and I am a Tai Chi master with 24 years of Tai Chi experience. This center has been in my dream since my childhood, my vision is to create a place for health, connection, learning, transformation, relaxation and personal growth. 
I want FangYaun Tai Chi Centre to allow you to immerse yourself into Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Tea Zen, Chinese Zither, Calligraphy and other Chinese culture activities. My mission is to help more people find a healthy and harmonious lifestyle.

Welcome to FangYuan Tai Chi Centre and join us in a peaceful, harmonious environment to absorb the essence of Chinese culture and integrate it into daily life.

- Master Ping 

The Experience


We offer exceptional accommodation for our students compromising of both, premium and luxury rooms where western comforts meet Chinese culture and design. 



We offer minimum of 20 hours of training a week for all levels of Tai Chi and QiGong. Additionally we offer morning meditation, mindfulness training and other activities centred around qi and Chinese culture.

Image by Miguel Maldonado


Food is a big part of Chinese culture and we at The Centre will offer you predominantly Chinese cuisine. We can cater for vegetarians, vegans and meet your special dietary needs.

The Location
Getting to FangYuan Tai Chi Centre

FangYuan Tai Chi Centre is located in a village of XinLingCun, Jiedong District, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, China.

The nearest train station is Chaoshan Railway Station.

The nearest airport is JieYang Chaoshan International Airport (SWA).

Both the train station and the airport are about 45 mins drive from the Centre and we can arrange your transfer.

For more detailed instructions click the link below.

When to come
When to come?

FangYuan Tai Chi Centre is located very close to the Tropic of Cancer so weather is tropical to with distinctive dry and rain season. The temperature is never too extreme although it might get little humid in the summer. With avarage winter temperature never dropping below 10 C visit FangYuan Tai Chi Centre is pleasant all year around.


Mar - May

Daytime average temperatures range between 19ºC and 26ºC  throughout the spring, gradually getting warmer as summer approaches. Even with the cloud cover and ever-looming possibility of rain, spring is one of the best times of year to visit

Temperature: 19 - 26 C

Rain fall: 170 mm

Humidity: medium 83%


Jun - Aug

In the peak of summer, temperatures regularly soar above 30ºC with intense humidity. Stepping into the streets often means an near instantaneous drenching with sweat. To relieve the pressure, summer rainstorms are big and frequent.

Temperature: 28 - 31 C

Rain fall: 380 mm

Humidity: High 90%


Sept - Nov

Autumn is overall the best time to visit. Beside the warm temperatures, autumn is among the driest seasons. Outdoor activities like hiking or lazing on the beach are excellent in fall.

Temperature: 22 - 28 C

Rain fall: 140 mm

Humidity: medium 78%


Dec - Feb

Winter is the coolest season  The average lows in the coldest month (January) at still sit around a relatively mild 14ºC. Keep in mind that Chinese New Year usually falls between mid Jan and Feb.

Temperature: 20 - 25 C

Rain fall: 40 mm

Humidity: Low 75%

The Culture
Why to come?

The simple answer is to learn and master your TaiChi, QiGong, but visit to FangYuan Tai Chi Centre is so much more. Jieyang is the birthplace of Chaoshan culture and a historical and cultural city in Guangdong Province. Jieyang is a famous hometown of Overseas Chinese, More than 3.2 million Overseas Chinese calls this their hometown and there are more than 1.8 million returned overseas Chinese and their families. The city is surrounded by mountains and seas, and there are many places of interest. The main tourist attractions include the Jieyang Confucius Temple, the Shuangfeng Temple, the Huangqishan Scenic Area, and the Lin Zexu Memorial Hall.

Chaozhou City, just 40 mins drive from FYTCC, is surrounded by three mountains, and the Han River and Huanggang Rivers. There are mountains in the northeast, caves in the southwest, and a plain in the southeast. There are hundreds of scenic areas such as ancient walls, temples, bridges and pagodas. This is why Chaozhou City is considered to be a historical city. The ethnic group came from central China more than a thousand years ago, and the area was sort of isolated and had no contact with cultures off the mainland, so they developed a distinct language dialect and distinctive art forms, its own style of operatic theatre, tea ceremony and "Kongfu Tea". There is an old saying: "If you haven't come to Chaozhou, you haven't really come to Guangdong".

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