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Best way to practise Tai Chi with like-minded people.

UNLIMITED  live classes. Make Tai Chi part of your everyday life with our unlimited live classes. Come to any class you like. 

MORNING CLASSES Start you day the right way. If you live in Europe we have new morning live 30 min QiGong classes. If you do not live in Europe you watch class recording.

MASTER'S REVIEW Once a month you can book a review session where Master Ping can watch your practise and offer his feedback. Learn more.

LOYALTY PROGRAMME  We want reward those who make Tai Chi an important part of their lives. We have special rewards for everyone who will keep the membership active for 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. Learn more.

NO COMMITMENT Here at FangYuan we don't want to tie you up in contracts We want you to keep subscribing because you love and use our services. Therefore you can try the membership for free and you can cancel anytime by simple click. 

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Have Your Master Review Your Practice

To make sure you're doing it right, we are including a Master's Review session in our UNLIMITED membership.

Every month you can book a Master's Review session where your Master can offer his feedback after watching you performing TaiChi or QiGong.

To ensure the best quality of Master's feedback we can review maximum of 2 forms at each session. Should require to review more than that  pleasebook more sesion or attend private lesson.


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FangYuan UNLIMITED Loyalty Programme

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6 months

On 6th monthly renewal of your membership we will add an extra month for free. 

18 months

On 18th monthly renewal of your membership we will send you a link where you can choose free FangYuan Course Module.

12 months

On 12th monthly renewal of your membership we will send you a link where you can order your free FangYuan T-shirt.

24 months

On 24th monthly renewal of your membership we will send you a 10% off coupon for training at FangYuan Centre and free private lesson.

Terms and conditions apply. See Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Frequently asked questions


How the free trial works?

You sign up for FangYuan UNLIMITED memebership enetring your payment details. As long as you cancel before the free trail ends then you will not be charged for memebrship. You only have one free trial.

How to cancel FangYuan Memebership?

To cancel FanYuan Memebership login into you axxount, then click on you profile pricture. choose my subscripitions. FangYuan memebrship will be listed there together with all other courses you may have. Find the membership you want to cancel, click the down pointing arrow and the option to cancel your memebrship will appear. Click cancle memership. A confirmation window will pop up. Confrim you choice and automatic renwal of your membership will be canceled. You can still use you memebrship untill the end of the current, already paid, period.

Are the classes really UNLIMITED?

Yes. As long as you have an active subscripton you can book and attend aby class you like. Rember thou that classes are for practising not for teaching. If you like to learn somthing new try our courses first.

How to book Master's Review?

Once a month you can book Masters Review. Log in into our website. Choose Members Only option from the main menu. Scroll down to the Master's Review section and click book now. For technical reason you will need to pay $9.99 to book the Master's Review, but as long as this was your first session this month you will be fully refunded. If one Master's Review in a month is not enough for you then you can book additional sessiion for just pay $9.99 each.

How to cancel booked class?

If for whatever reason you are not able to attend already booked clasee you have to options: 1. Reschedule - if want to attend the class at different day you can reschule it by logging into the websote, clicking your profile picture (lef side of the page menu), clicing my bookings, finding the class that you want to reschedule and clicking "Reschedule" button. The calendar will open when you can choose a different date and time for your class. 2. Cancel class - if do want to to reschudle the class you can always cancel it by logging into the websote, clicking your profile picture (lef side of the page menu), clicing my bookings, finding the class that you want to cancel, clicking the down arrow, wchich will reveal cancle option, then click "Cancel" button and confirm cancelletion in the pop up window..