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Level 3: TaiChi Broadsword For Strength Building

  • 30Steps


Chen Style Tai Chi Broadsword is a traditional internal martial art from ancient China that combines with martial arts, well-being, and self-awareness. Today, more and more people practice Tai Chi Broadsword because of their physical health and mental benefits, Learning Self-Defense, Give yourself a full workout and develop a positive mood, lose weight. The traditional Tai Chi Sabre or Broadsword, also known as Tai Chi 23 Sabre, is one of the important weapons in Tai Chi. The routine not only maintains the basic requirements of the broadsword, such as chopping, hanging, pulling, cutting, etc., its movements are also powerful and vigorous. This Form are consist of 23 movements, it considered as “Tiger catching prey” it requires a focus of the mind and body synchronized with strong and fast controlled movements. This course designed for people practicing with full body workout, build strength and get faster reflexes, lose weight, increasing internal energy,  improves natural posture alignment, balance, and inner peace. Master Ping have been practicing TaiChi for more than 25 year, he is a 12th generation of Chen style TaiChi with Master Chen Zheng Lei. With his fluent English, clear understanding of Chen Style Tai Chi and years of experience teaching international students, he is really professional and well done. This course provided by master Ping and step by step to teach, it is suitable for all people, making it easy for anyone, anywhere to learn Tai Chi.




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