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QiGong For Back Ache, Pain & Stiffness

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15-Min QiGong Exercise Routine - Easy Home Workout For Boosting Energy & Organs Health. The "Five Animals" (五禽戲, Wu Qin Xi) are a set of QiGong exercises developed during the Han dynasty (202 BC ‐ 220 AD). There are claims that this QiGong set is authored by “Huatuo”, one of the most famous and highly respected Chinese physician and surgeon in Chinese history. Each animal's movements in Five Animals QiGong are associated with specific organs, and the practice aims to stimulate the flow of energy or "Qi" through these organs and the meridians (energy channels) of the body. The Tiger movement is associated with the liver. The Deer movement is associated with the kidney. The Bear movement is associated with the spleen. The Monkey movement is associated with the heart. The Crane movement is associated with the lung. What is the benefit of Five animals QiGong ? 1 - Promotes digestion: The bear exercise is for spleen function, and the practice involves gentle, controlled movements that can promote digestion and balance. 2 - Enhances blood and energy circulation: The practice involves deep breathing and slow, flowing movements, which help to promote circulation throughout the body and increase oxygen flow. 3 - Reduces stress and anxiety: The practice involves relaxation techniques, deep breathing, and meditation, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety. 4 - Enhances mind-body connection and promote overall well-being.




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