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9-Day Challenge to Tai Chi Level 1 | Special offer


TaiChi is a traditional Chinese martial art that has been practiced for centuries. It is known for its slow, fluid movements and emphasis on mindfulness and relaxation. TaiChi is often referred to as "moving meditation" because it combines physical exercise with mental focus. Starting a 9 - day Tai Chi challenge can be a wonderful way to explore this ancient Chinese martial art and form of meditative movement. Master Ping have been practice TaiChi for over 26 years, with his 15 years of teaching experience, He has selected some representative simple movements from Traditional TaiChi Forms, This simplify TaiChi 9 forms is a set sequence of movements that are designed to improve balance, flexibility, relaxation and overall health. Begin with simple movements, you only need to spend 15 min a day to learn and practice with master Ping. Let‘s start you new TaiChi Journey ! What is included in this program? 1- Get access to all videos for 5 years 2- 1 Private 1 on 1 live review session 3- Get 5 years UNLIMITED Q&A with master Ping 4- Certificate awarded upon completion What you will learn ? 1- Body Warm-up exercise for opening energy channels and relaxation. 2- TaiChi Silk Reeling basic movement for coordination, flexibility,reduced stress and promote relaxation. 3- TaiChi Chen simplify 9 forms for body and mind practice.




QiGong All Courses | SPECIAL OFFER, US$99.00


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