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Level 1: Tai Chi Yang 24 Forms For Beginners

  • 38Steps


Tai Chi Yang 24 Form For Energy, Relaxation, Relieve Stress & Emotional Balance. The ancient art of Tai Chi is often described as "moving meditation" because it stimulates your mind, body, and spirit. Nowadays, The Simplified Tai Chi 24 forms is one of the most popular and widely practiced form of Tai Chi in the world. Its movements are larger, gentle, slow and evenly-paced. With only 24 movements, For completely beginners, it is very easy to learn and practice in your daily life, it is suitable for students of all levels and all ages. Regular practice of the form improves general health for the practitioner as the exercise keeps the joints flexible and the bones and muscles strong. In this class, students will learn and practice foundational steps and techniques of Yang-Style Tai Chi through a step-by-step introduction to the Yang-Style Tai Chi 24 Form. What you will learn? *It decreases stress, anxiety, and depression. *It promotes better sleep. *It improves flexibility, Mobility, balance, and agility. *It strengthens the immune system. *Understand the basic principle of the TaiChi knowledge




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