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Level 2: Tai Chi Traditional Form - Lao Jia Yi Lu

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Tai Chi Traditional Form - Lao Jia Yi Lu 老架一路. Learn Chen Style Tai Chi with the Lao Jia Yi Lu form (Old Frame First Routine) - the oldest, most traditional form in the Chen Style TaiChi. This traditional Chen Style form consists of 74 postures and is characterized by a beautiful, elegant dynamic movement - from very slow flowing movements. It is amazing form for people practicing with relaxed muscles, build legs foundation, increasing internal energy, energy collection, and energy control, improves natural posture alignment, balance, and inner peace. Tai Chi Chen 74 forms is a level 2 form which is a progression course from Chen 18 forms, that will introduce you to more advanced Tai Chi Chen forms and it will form a foundation for your next levels. This course provided by master Ping and step by step to teach,  it is suitable for all people, making it easy for anyone, anywhere to learn Tai Chi.  What you will learn? *Build a strong and flexible body *Improve body awareness and relief stress *It promotes better sleep. *To improve your health and energize your immune system with TaiChi practice




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