Choose the right course for you

Whether you are coming to Tai Chi for the first time, or whether you are already a seasoned practitioner aiming to take your training to a high level, you will be welcome in our school. Maybe you only have time for a one-day introduction, or maybe you want to fully immerse yourself in Tai Chi for weeks, months, or even years: whatever your constraints, we can adapt our training to meet your needs. To give you some idea of the different options available, you can consult the pages below.



Perfect for those wanting to learn more about Tai Chi without having to commit to long term training.


Full/Part time Courses

For those looking to immerse themselves in Training, full and part time course from 1 week to 1 year


Instructors Program

For those looking to immerse themselves in Training, full and part time course from 1 week to 1 year

Tailored Training

Open group, Closed Group, One on On


One on One

200 CNY/ Hour

Personal individual training

One on One tuition can be perfect for those looking to refine there Tai Chi with a true master. You will receive excellent support and advice in improving your form and technique and can opt for specialist area’s to focus your time on improving and mastering certain forms not covered in general training


Closed Group

X/ Hour

Perfect for small private Groups / Company's

Closed group sessions can be perfect for visiting schools from overseas or for groups travelling together, The course can be set to the correct experience level and can focus on areas chosen by the group. In general we prefer small groups so that everyone can receive personal tuition within the group. Please contact us to discuss prices


Tailored training

X/ day


Create your perfect training schedule

We realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to learning, Many have students have personal goals they wish to achieve or certain requirements they must adhere too. Because of this we offer fully tailored courses that can be altered for duration of training, Skill Level and schedule whilst helping you achieve your own personal targets and goals for what you wish to try and achieve Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss a tailored program

Our school is available for all forms of tai chi training, be it individually with one on one tuition, general open group tai chi training sessions, introductory courses, specialist tai chi training, tai chi courses or closed group training.


+86 152 959 20102

+86 152 959 20102

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