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Very pritty t shirt. 


Fang Yuan (古月方源, Gu Yue Fang Yuan, lit. Ancient Moon Fang Yuan) is the main protagonist of Reverend Insanity. Formerly a scholar from Earth, he mysteriously transmigrated into the Gu World where he lived for 500 years. He started as a common clan member before growing into a Gu Immortal and sect master of the demonic blood path. Fang Yuan was then forced to use the power of the newly refined Spring Autumn Cicada to travel back to the days of his youth.

In the Five Regions, Fang Yuan is infamous for being the strongest demon of his era. He is someone who wreaks havoc wherever he goes in the pursuit of eternal life, scheming and fighting against powerful enemies and their organizations.


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FangYuan T-shirt

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  • This t shirt is made from sustainably sortuced material. 

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