Calm and beautiful countryside, a bustling town nearby.

The scenic area of Yangshuo is a popular destination for both foreign and Chinese tourists. There are numerous possibilities for excursions and activities both in the city as well as the beautiful countryside. Popular excursions include the following:

Moon Hill scenic view / Bamboo Rafting / Hiking and cycling / Li River cruises / Silver Caves / Traditional old town / Xianggong Mountain

An important element in your choice of Tai Chi school in China will certainly be the quality of life that you hope to find in and around the school itself. This is especially true if you plan to stay for several weeks, or months.

From this point of view, the Yangshuo area has everything to recommend it. It is situated in the heart of the spectacular karst mountain formations of Guanxi province, which for centuries were a feature of classical Chinese landscape painting. It is well-known to everyone in China if only because it appears on the back of the 20CNY banknote! Being predominantly rural, with agriculture largely based on small-scale farming, Yangshuo has excellent air and water quality.

Its extraordinary natural beauty, its peaceful landscapes, and its remarkable limestone formations and grottoes, have made the Yangshuo area a popular destination for both Chinese and Western tourists. This means that facilities are well-developed without being overwhelming: hotels are generally small and family run, you will easily find a welcome in agreeable little bars and restaurants in Yangshuo itself or in the surrounding villages.

Although Yangshuo is a small town, its popularity means that it is a lively, bustling place. The pedestrian center around West Street is full of bars and restaurants offering both Chinese and Western food. It’s an agreeable place to stroll around, or to take part in the local night-life.

Yangshuo is at the confluence of the Li and Yulong rivers, and our school is situated in Jima village just outside the town, within the extensive Yulong Ecological Park. Here, we get the best of both worlds: being inside the park, traffic is limited to a minimum so the countryside retains its timeless, peaceful quality, while at the same time Yangshuo town is a short and agreeable walk or bike ride away along bamboo-shaded footpaths.

It is both easy and cheap to hire a bicycle in the village, to go exploring on your own or with friends. Many of the roads between the villages are limited to bicycles and scooters.

A little further afield, you may enjoy visiting the Silver and Golden caves with their spectacular stalactite formations.

All in all, You will find plenty to do in beautiful surroundings!


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Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School

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