Wu HengDong (Master Kim)

Co-founder of School Level 6 Tai chi & Qi Gong Master

Born in July 1979, a native of Fang Cheng Gang, in Guangxi province. Kim graduated from the Guangxi National College of Health and Physical Education. He is a level 6 tai chi master( Duanwei) , and has obtained a Wushu and Tai Chi Coach Certification of China (Grade 1, First Degree). Kim is the Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School’s co-founder and headmaster.

Kims Childhood love martial arts started from the age of 11 year old, learning basic skills from his father for martial arts. And then under the tutelage of Wang Haijun learning Chen Style Taijiquan and Taiji theory knowledge. He specializes in teaching: Chen Style Taijiquan;Taiji theory; Tai Chi internal strength;Pushing hands Grappling; Weapons;Self-defense; Wushu (Kungfu); Sanda (boxing).

He has Participated in many domestic and international Taijiquan & sword competitions and won many gold medals. His hope is that by running a school he aims spread the extensive and profound knowledge of Taichi, so that more people understand and learn the essence of Tai Chi culture.

He has been teaching for 17 years passing knowledge onto students of different ages, colors, and countries including students from 4 – 88 years old, His students have come from a range of backgrounds including domestic and foreign teaching students,  as well as groups of multinational staff. In total he has taught about 30000 students. He has Long term teaching knowledge and extensive experience, that can be recognized by all sectors of the community and the majority of students



+86 152 959 20102

+86 152 959 20102

Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School

88 Jima Village. Yangshuo, 541900, Guilin, China.

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