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8 brocade QiGong
8 forms
Medical QiGong
worth $79
Five Animals QiGong
8 forms
For Organs Health
worth $79
YiJinJing QiGong
7 forms
Strengthen Muscle &Tendon
worth $79
Theory of QiGong
10 lessons
Flow of Qi through Meridians
worth $79

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Access your courses Package

After successful purchase of the package we will active your courses as soon as possible.

This may take up to 12 hours depending on your time zone.

You will receive a seperate confimation email once the courses have been activated.

You access your courses in 3 different ways:

1. Click the link in a course confirmation email

2. Choose the course below

3. Choose the course from your account menu that you can access here

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