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Online Private Class via Zoom

We realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to learning, you may have your personal goals that wish to achieve or certain requirements must adhere too. Because of this we offer One on One Private Online Class that can be altered for duration of training, Skill Level and schedule whilst helping you achieve your own personal targets and goals for what you wish to try and achieve. 

One on One classes are also perfect for those who already have been practice Tai Chi or QiGong, and would like to check in on their practice or target a specific area.  

We can schedule for one or two hours a week live online Class via Zoom.

What You Can Choose To Learn:

1. Standing Meditation For Back Pain

2. QiGong (Eight Pieces of Brocade ) For Energy and flexibility 

3. TaiChi Basic Foundation Movements For Beginners

4. Chen Style Tai Chi Forms ( 18 Movements, 74 Movements, 41 Movements etc. ) 

5. Yang Style Tai Chi 24 Movements





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+86 152 959 20102

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