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Fang 方 Yuan 圆

When Fang and Yuan are in Balance and Harmony, the mind and body can maintain live in peace.

FangYuan Philosophy

Fang (方) is the square, it represents the balance and stability of Yang. Yuan (圆) is the circle, it represents the continuous movement and flexibility of Yin. FangYuan (方圆)is the basic principle of TaiChi. Whether you are still or moving, your body is rounded, soft and relaxed, yet at the same time well balanced and stable. Fang is the framework of rules without which no human life is possible. Yuan is the harmony and wisdom without which rules are too restrictive. Fang ( square ) is the requirement of TaiChi movement to achieve a balance between body and orientation, Yuan ( circle ) is the requirement of TaiChi movement to achieve softness,relaxation and harmony, body flowing as water. FangYuan is rich in connotations, and full of colour. As an embodiment of traditional Chinese philosophy, the word "FangYuan" contains a wealth of meaning. FangYuan is also the attitude of a person.It is not only to strengthen the body, But it's more of a spiritual path that today's people want to pursue, so that every practitioner's mind seeks balance, so that every practitioner's seeks health, family happiness, social stability, world peace, this is the core of Tai Chi, harmony. When Fang and Yuan are in Balance and Harmony, the mind and body can maintain live in peace.



Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation , controlled breathing and movements exer that can improve one’s health, relieve stress and increase energy. Qi refers to the life force or vital energy, which is the energy that gives power to the mind, body, and spirit. Gong refers to work or gathering of Qi.



Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art have originated more than 400 years ago. 

It involves of QiGong, Meditation, breathing, daoism philosophy, ancient Chinese medicine. It is meant to develop and integrate the mind, body and spirit. Nowadays has become very popular with people practicing all over the world.


TaiChi Styles

There are five main family styles of Tai Chi: Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun and He. All five styles have the same origin and share many similarities. However, each style has its own unique characteristics and emphasizes a particular aspect of movement.



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