Chinese food

Tai Chi, like Chinese medecine, is all about balance. But we should not understand this as something static, unchanging. Just as the movements of Tai Chi are a dynamic flow which constantly upsets and re-establishes the body’s equilibrium, so Chinese medecine sees the body as a constantly shifting equilibrium between the principles of Yin and Yang. This equilibrium is maintained, amongst other things, by the body’s inputs and outputs: the ingredients that we take in as food, and the way in which we expend energy.

Food is not just important for its ingredients, but also for the way we eat, and in China it is hard to imagine eating without sharing. Everybody sits around the same table to share the ingredients of a meal eaten in common.

Talking goes with eating, so that while we eat together, we share experiences from all walks of life, all ages, and every part of the world.

These ingredients too, will be an important part of your enjoyment of life at the school, and in China.


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+86 152 959 20102

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