Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it . 

                           - Lao Tzu

Discover Chinese culture and philosophy

Why practice Tai Chi?

Tai Chi has the greatest longevity of all the Chinese martial arts. Fighting techniques like Kung Fu aim to develop the body’s external power for attack. Tai Chi on the contrary seeks to develop the body’s internal power, balance, and resilience. Consequently, Tai Chi can be practiced at any age and is recognized for its value in developing and maintaining overall physical health. At the same time, the graceful and aesthetic quality of Tai Chi movements are mentally pleasing, enhancing self-awareness and promoting a better integration of mind and body.

What is Wuji ?


4:30 pm

In ancient Chinese philosophy, the term "Wuji"  comes from the Tao Te Ching (attributed to the philosopher Laozi), referring to the Taoist concept of non-being, which means boundless, infinite and never-ending. In classical Chinese script, the word "wuji" means “without center”, representing the ancients’ abstract understanding of the initial state of the universe.

In this state the universe has no central point, nor any boundaries. Without center or boundary, there is endless chaos.

The universe in its original state is invisible and undifferentiated.

What is Tai Chi ?


10:00 am

“Tai”  means the supreme, or the ultimate, which refers to the largest in the collection, that wherein everything else is included; “Chi” means one of the relativities. Taken together, “Tai Chi ”is an all-embracing concept, containing all relativity.

It is just like a circle, which contains countless angles without any angle being manifest; or like a piece of paper entirely covered in drawings appears dark, so that no drawing is visible. Another example is a sound wave, if all the frequencies are included, they cancel each other out and there is no sound (this is also the principle of noise-proof headphones).

The so-called Tai Chi is to clarify the process of universe from Wuji to Tai Chi, and then everything is created, among which Tai Chi is the state of Yin-Yang chaos before heaven and earth separated. According to the explanation of the I ching, the chaos "Wuji" becomes "Tai Chi", and further produce two platforms of Yin and Yang.

What is Yin-Yang ?


11:30 am

The traditional concept holds that yin and yang represent the most basic opposites of everything.


It is the objective law of nature, the origin of motion and variation in everything, and the basic law of human knowledge. The concept of yin and yang originated from the ancient Chinese view of nature.


The ancients observed various opposites occurring in natural phenomena and connected them, such as heaven and earth, sun and moon, day and night, cold and heat, men and women, up and down, and so on. This they summarized in the concept of "yin-yang" as the way of philosophical thought.


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